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 Rebuilt stalls completely from scratch.  Also built railing around loft stairs and all loft door openings.  Client uses barn for gatherings as well. Filled stalls and isle with quarterdown rock. Installed corner feeders.  Stalls have steel conduit bars on fronts.  All doors slide except for loft doors and back side of barn has gates instead of doors on bottom.

2013 Remodel of a barn.  Stripped out all stalls and remodeled. New roof, tack room, exterior doors, stained

December 2015 - Culleoka, TN.  Refurbished barn.  Removed almost all posts and replaced.  Removed all concrete and put posts into ground.  Replaced most all wall support. Re-floored loft.

Greenbriare 2015. Empty barn shell previously built by another contractor.  We added four stalls, a wash area and a tack room. Clients are now having it graveled and concreted. Also installed water to old barn and new. Fencing was included and leveled land and errected round pen.

Re Stripping a barn and replacing some bad boards in Christiana. 2015

This little shed just needed some help to make it durable again.

No job too small nor too large. Don't tear that old barn down, give us a chance to give it new life.  We can work miracles and enjoy seeing the difference between the start and finish pictures.  Sometimes the memories of your childhood playtime in 'grandpa's barn' are more than worth the time and effort in repairing it. 

These two barns were on same property. The roof on this old dairy barn shows the roof painting completed as well as more lap siding and repairs. Amazing what a good paint job can do for a roof!

Another large barn.  Some repairs, mostly new skin. Repaired and painted roof.  New owner wanted to give new life to an old barn.  Located in Flat Creek.

Lap siding project that turned out great.  Some structure work and minor repairs. Located in Cold Water.

We literally picked the shed off the ground and removed the tree growing in the middle of it, rebuilt it as well as completed several other major repairs to "grandpas barn".  Loft rebuilt, some posts replaced, roof was worked on and other shed was re-skinned with new tin.  Barn located in Petersburg.

Here is a barn where the owner wanted the roof lowered from the gabled height of 45' to a regular 25' peak roof.  We had to use as much as the old tin as possible as well as the old rafters, but we got the job done.  We started by stripping tin off, then lattes and then finally cutting rafters from barn and pulling the roof off.  Barn is still in use today.  Located in Eagleville.  

Smaller barn remodel.  Needed straightening and new skin. New roof added as well. Located in Wheel.

Medium sized barn that needed new posts, completely re-skinned, doors built and entire barn stripped. Several inside areas were built/partitioned. Re-roofed, repaired/replaced rafter and latte problems and parts of loft replaced.  Barn Located in Spring Hill Area. 2013

This was a very large old barn that used to hold dances in the loft area about 20+ years ago. Some bracing replaced but mostly re-skinned and doors built. Built new bonnet. (Did not previously have one). Barn located in Murfreesboro, TN.

Barn Restoration Projects