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Red Brand No Climb Horse wire with treated rough cut lumber 4x4 posts and 1x6 boards. Greenbriare, TN 2015

Entry to farm. 8x8 treated posts at varying lengths blending into the four board fence. We can create you your own custom entry way too!

2013 80 ft round pen, 5 board fence

We are very excited to  work with such a fine establishment.  This fence turned out great and we are proud of this fine five board rustic fence. 2015

The Cotton Gin Seafood Joint, Good Hope, AL

RED BRAND Goat wire with barbed wire in Christiana, 2015

Three rail indoor riding arena fence installed at a well known trainer's facility.  2014

Part of an on going project in Chapel Hill.  Some fence we built 6 mos ago and some we built a couple of months ago.  One picture shows connecting Horse Guard Fence to the four board. 2014-2015

Here is 5 rail 5 ft tall fence made special for a customer in Clarksville who wanted something safe and nice looking  for her goats 2015

We can even create safe wood walk bridges to cover that little creek in your yard or field. 2012

Privacy fence prices are based on numerous things: How tall do you want the fence? What type of boards? What type of privacy fencing? Are just a few of the questions we will need to know. One of the  fences was all new and the other was a installation began by another company but finished by us due to their inability to complete the job correctly  2015

All Fences have posts put in cement, dug a minimum of 24". Gap between boards, length between posts, how many boards, etc are just a few things that can vary pricing.  We check the prices daily to try and give you the most accurate price we can.  Galvanized, ring shafted nails are used unless otherwise specified. LOOK FOR US ON THE RED BRAND FENCE WEBSITE.  WE ARE A CERTIFIED INSTALLER OF RED BRAND PRODUCTS. WE NOW INSTALL BUCKLEY STEEL BOARD FENCE.  Click on the link to visit their website

Whether on 7 ft  or 8 ft centers, we can create a four board fence for every need. In the country, in a subdivision, or on your small farm, we are able to give you the look you want.

Metal or wood gates installed.   Most all gate posts are treated 6x6 posts.

More 4 Board showing how we can curve the fence to the shape of the road.

Stock Gaps can be made several ways. This one is suspended by two cables, that can be tightened,  and are ran through three posts on each side of the creek.  2014

Three Board Fence with wire on 8ft centers. Rough Cut Treated Lumber. 2014

We use true 4x4 posts set in concrete. Galvenized ringed nails are used to secure boards.  48" cover boards


Four Board Fence with wire. 8ft center Rough Cut Treated Lumber.  Price varies according to type of wire requested.


Four Board vinyl fence for all your needs..